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*Guinevere worries.

She does her best not to, to put her faith in God and, truthfully, in Arthur; she does her best to focus on helping Bran, but that hardly lessens her worry. Still, she has a duty, and she assists Bran calmly and confidently. It all is part of the vigil.

When the day is done and evening comes, she leaves the shadowy castle to walk in the gardens and orchards, and tries to let her mind clear.

But generally, she worries.*

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(Mirie it is while sumer y-last
With fugheles son.

Even in the evening, in the Summer Country, it is far too warm to wear the wool coat Bran brought with him beyond the North Wind. Instead, when Bran comes out to walk in the gardens this evening, he's dressed in the least unfamiliar clothing in the wardrobe from his rooms here: plain black trousers from a nineteenth-century formal suit, and a simple white button-down shirt.

(Oc nu neheth windes blast
And weder strong.

Bran's not looking for anyone, really. He's only restless, with the pressure of the magics pressing on his head. When he sees Guinevere he stops and smiles. "Good evening, mother."

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"Of course."

They turn into a path hedged with neat juniper bushes and lined with beds of flowers and ornamental grasses. The muscles at Bran's neck are tensed, and he moves like a man under strain, but he says, only, "Beautiful, it is, here. I knew it would be."

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"Always." Bran looks about him. One juniper bush is full of yellow blossoms, and the next heavy with green and blue berries. "Funny. I know we are outside of Time, but I keep trying to think of what season it is."

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"Winter, it was. Not a very cold one, but cold enough." Bran turns his head away from his mother to admire the juniper plants. "I was just about to go back to Cardiff for university."

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"Not bad. A lot of work, but it is all right."

In the last weeks of fall term, Bran threw himself into his studies, as hard as he could. It was a distraction, mostly. He did very well, but he can't actually say he enjoyed it.

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At length, Bran turns back to Guinevere. "How are you doing with all this, mother?"

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Bran's head aches, and the low hum of the powers of the Summer Country buzzes in his ears. But he is his father's son -- both his fathers' son, actually -- and faced with Guinevere and her troubles, he masters himself.

"It is going to be all right," Bran says firmly. "We have Merlion, and Will, and the whole Circle of the Light here working; and I am learning what I must, and it is getting easier. The kingdom will stand, and the king will come home soon enough."

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"There should not be trouble in your refuge." Bran meets his mother's gaze seriously. "Not fair at all, after everything... But I am glad that you are here, for all of that. And that I can be here with you, for a little while."

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The gratitude in his mother's face is too much, abruptly, and there are too many thoughts in Bran's head that he has been holding back. Bran snaps, "Oh, do not make more of this than it is."

His voice comes high and fast. "I am here because I must be, and that is all right -- it is a beautiful place, I always did want to see it, despite everything -- but only because it is a little while. And I must keep saying that, to you and to everyone, I must keep thinking that, because this kingdom, it is made to last. Forever and ever. And all the same, always. Same people, same things -- it is a nightmare, mother! And I cannot bear to think of it. So please do not -- I am not that strong. I wish I were."

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Bran answers, low, "No, I do not think that."

The question is, of course, how long it must be. Merriman Lyon is sure that Arthur will return. Bran does not have the same assurance. He cannot, however, say that to Guinevere.

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Bran's golden eyes flick to the rosary at Guinevere's waist. "I have never been very good at that, for all the ministers say."

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"The trick," Bran answers drily, "is bringing the faith at all. I will try."


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