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Guinevere was Arthur's wife. This is known, and true.

Guinevere was Lancelot's lover. This is known, and true.

What is known to only a few is that Guinevere had a son. But this is true.

After her dalliance with Lancelot, Guinevere became pregnant with Arthur's son. Fearing that wouldn't believe the child's legitimacy, she went to Merlion and asked for his help. He gave it willingly, knowing that the boy would be needed for the final battle against the Dark, but the help he gave was perhaps not what Guinevere expected. He took the pregnant woman to the Lowland Hundred, where Guinevere gave birth to an albino boy with tawny eyes, and next to twentieth century Wales.

Guinevere and her new-born son arrived in the middle of a stormy winter's night. Half-frozen, seeking shelter, she a lonely cottage on the moor, and knocked. The shepherd living there, Owen Davies, took them in, and nursed her back to health through that night and the next day.

By that time, he'd fallen hoplelessly in love with her.

The second day, Owen returned to the cottage to the sound of screaming. Another shepherd, Caradog Prichard, had discovered Gwen, and decided to have his way with her. Owen beat him to within an inch of his life.

The third day, Owen asked Gwen to marry him.

Dawn on the fourth day, Owen awoke alone, except for the baby boy and a note reading: His name is Bran. Thank you, Owen Davies. Merlion had returned during the night and returned Guinevere to her time and husband. Once in her own time, Guinevere soon retreated into a nunnery, where she became abbess and eventually died peacefully.

This is true.

Gwen is a black-haired, blue-eyed woman, beautiful, in her late 30's. She carries herself regally, and speaks Latin and an archaic form of Welsh.

Guinevere belongs to a lot of people, but this incarnation owes much to Susan Cooper and the Dark Is Rising series. The journal is for the RPG [info]milliways_bar, and no money is being made from it. I ([info]adiva_calandia) am just a lowly nerd.
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